Hello, healthy nature!

from Prlekija
From the beautiful fields of Prlekija we bring you delicious goods that will excite your taste buds and take you into a world that harbours only the very best nature has to offer. Fresh and aroma-rich garlic, sweet, delicious and juicy blueberries and strawberries, organic goji berries, which become an excellent and unique fruit spread, colourful cranberry beans, and unique lettuce and herbs that keep on living with you.

healthy Slovenian soil
All these goods are grown on the fertile, sunlit soil of the Prlekija region, where the Pannonian sea has left behind perfect conditions for agriculture and the production of quality crops. The nutrient-rich soil, plenty of sunny days, and hardworking hands produce fruits and vegetables with an added value – of the highest quality, delicious, and homegrown.
healthy nature
The local production enables us to deliver our products fresh, since they only travel a couple of miles across Slovenia and not thousands, as is the case in imported produce. Lower CO2 emissions and sustainable agriculture facilitated by modern technology and innovative farming methods make for an environmentally sound, harmless production. Kind to nature, kind to the people…